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Gigi Mitre Cetakan Injeksi (DM)
Injection molded, mass-produced products, suitable for office machines.

Bahan Plastik Mitre Gears (PM)
MC nylon products are light and can be used gigi mitra without lubricant.

Roda Gigi Stainless Bore Lengkap (SUMA)
Produk baja tahan karat, dapat digunakan tanpa pengerjaan ulang.

Roda Gigi Stainless Steel (SUM)
Suitable for food machinery due to SUS303’s rust-resistant quality.

Angular Mitre Gears (SAM)
3 types are available for shafts at 45°, 60° and 120°.

Roda Gigi Metal Miter (SM)
Popular straight miter for many uses.

Roda Gigi Baja Sinter (LM)
Diproduksi secara massal, produk dengan biaya rendah. Ringan dan ringan.

Gigi Mitre Karburisasi & Hardened (MM)
In comparison to SM miters, they are stronger and less abrasive, and allow secondary operations.

Mengeras gigi mitra 1Miter Gears (SMA·SMB·SMC)
Dapat digunakan tanpa pengerjaan ulang, ditawarkan dalam 3 ukuran lubang.

Gigi Mitre Tanah (SMZG)
A spiral miter equipment with a helix angle significantly less than 10 °. Receives forces from the same path as straight miter gears r…